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Meet Dr. Sheldon

Dr. Elizabeth Sheldon, DDS, MS knows how important your healthcare is to you. She is a caring, dedicated provider who approaches each patient’s treatment with a thoughtful application of both science and art. Like many things, orthodontics is changing. New technologies and methods are emerging that make the treatment process exciting and also a little more complex. This is why Dr. Sheldon takes the time to communicate with patients and their families to ensure they understand all of the options for the best treatment possible.

Dr. Sheldon’s education began with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. After working as a researcher at a biotechnology firm in Seattle, she attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center and received her dental degree. Dr. Sheldon worked as a general dentist in Madison, Wisconsin before completing her specialty degree in orthodontics, also at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Her experience as a general dentist allows her to communicate clearly with the patient’s family dentist, which creates an effective, collaborative team. Dr. Sheldon is an active member of numerous national and local dental and orthodontic societies, and she enthusiastically sponsors area school events and community projects. 

When she is not in the office, Dr. Sheldon spends time with her husband, Chris McMasters and her two wonderful kids, Finn and Jane. Together, they explore the outdoors, work in their gardens and cheer on area sports teams.

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